There is an honesty control in all the games for real money in our casino, which makes sure that the received combinations are random and the casino did not influence the combinations process available on the screen at any moment of play. However, the player can influence the combinations. For example, the card decks used in card games are randomly shuffled by RNG, but a player can cut the deck, and thus, influence the cards that will be dealt.

Тhe principle of operation

All the decks that have been used in blackjack, pokers and video pokers, all the sequences of symbols on the reels for every slot game and also all the numbers that appear in the Roulettes and Keno, are stored in a file called publication. Every hour one new publication is created. Publication number and game (spin, deal, and round) number are always shown in the upper left or right corner. Each publication is stored in the archive protected by a password.

To use the honesty control you should download to your computer, the file with the required publication from the 'HONESTY CONTROL >> DOWNLOAD FILES' menu.


Before check-up it is necessary to get the password for the downloaded archive. The publication contains information not only about the played game (deal, spin, round), but also about the future games (deals, spins, rounds); the password can be received within 15 minutes after publication is finished. To receive the password it is necessary to enter the number of the played publication in the'PASSWORD FOR PUBLICATION #'of the 'HONESTY CONTROL >> DOWNLOAD FILES' menu and then press the 'GET' button. The password can be received from the file with personal data as well. If a player has not played a single game (deal, spin, and round) of the publication, neither the archive nor the password can be downloaded.


In the first part of the 'HONESTY CONTROL >> DOWNLOAD FILES' window you can download archives with publications files. In the 'OPERATIVE' line you can select the current, future or just finished publication, or download publications that refer to the exact game.

In the second part of the 'HONESTY CONTROL >> DOWNLOAD FILES' window you can download personal data and password for the definite publication to all the games at once.

In the third part of the 'HONESTY CONTROL >> DOWNLOAD FILES' window a semi-automatic check program can be downloaded to your computer. This program can visually demonstrate the check-up process; it will also be useful in case of manual.

What is a publication?

The publication file contains information about all the games played at the casino within one hour. All the random events of the Casino are registered in this file:

  • winning numbers in Roulette for each wheel spin;
  • blackjack, pokers and video pokers sequence of shuffled cards;
  • the 20 winning numbers of Keno;
  • The sequence of symbols on reels of the slot machines, position of symbols in the Bones games and in the Risk games.

The archives with publications can be downloaded one hour before playing, during playing or after playing within four days.

What is personal data?

File with personal data contains information about the games played by a player. This file can be viewed in any text editor. The personal data presents information about numbers of played games (deals, spins, rounds) and password for publication archive. This file contains information about games like keno, in which numbers were selected by the player, video poker - which card numbers the player selected for deal and change - Blackjack and poker - quantity of boxes in a game and the decisions taken on each box - slots - which numbers of symbols appeared on the reels for the player. File with personal data contains information on all games in the publication, and it can be downloaded after 15 minutes after the publication is finished and the next series of games (publication) start. There are several files inside the archive with personal data. Each file refers to the exact game and exact publication number. This can be viewed by the file's names.

Due to the thorough inspection of all our games, after which the trustworthiness of the results of all our games is under constant observance, we have a license from an independent company Antillephone N.V. confirming the honest play. This is why "Honesty control" function was not considered during development of 3D games.

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