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Draw № 101

Guess the dollar rate of USA!

Prize fund of the lottery: 340$
Prize places: 10

Guess 4 digits and win 250$

Who guessed the last 3 digits - 10$ as a gift.

Winning ticket number - 4 digits of dollar rate in accordance with CB RF after comma on the day of the end of the lottery.

Tickets can be obtained under the terms of the promotion or for lost funds.

Dollar rate of CBR
2019-12-15 04:01 Time MSK

CB RF (Central Bank of Russian Federation) — is our honesty guarantor as it is impossible to foresee accurate dollar rate.

Detailed conditions

• For every 5$ of losing*, the player can purchase 1 ticket and increase a chance of winning in draw.

• A player can purchase no more than 500 tickets in one lottery draw.

• To purchase a ticket, you must click on it.

• Wins a ticket that matches the 4 digits of dollar rate in accordance with CB RF (beginning with the first figure after comma).
For example: rate is = 56,3409, winning ticket №3409. If rate is = 60,5300, then the ticket wins №5300. Also 10$ will receive ticket holders 0300, 1300, 2300, 3300, 4300, 6300, 7300, 8300, 9300.

• The determining of winner occurs after buyout of last ticket of current draw and setting of new dollar rate in accordance with CB RF on the next working day.

• If the last ticket was purchased after fixing new CBR dollar rate of the next working day, then the lottery draw will be held by the nearest updated rate.

* The bets and winnings in public halls of Blackjack, Poker and Roulette and also Live Roulette and Holdem Foldem Poker are not taken into account in lottery. The accumulated opportunities should be used in current draw as they will be reset after lottery conclusion.

Remaining tickets: 6957
Purchased tickets: 3043

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